The art world today consists of a variety of concepts that endure the evolving culture of each individual and region. Fashion, and interior design do the same thing. Real estate has a power over the final image; what people are experiencing on a daily basis. It’s all connected. These are a just few discoveries I’ve made since my art education and practice began in 2004. What is socially acceptable? Who is your audience? What is going to excite the audience? How are objects arrange in space? What are the leading trends? Fashion retailers, interior designers, and artist explore these topics while procuring goods, finding inspiration, and curating spaces. 

    My personal art practice has taken these questions and answered them with a range of unimaginable experiences for a wide demographic in gallery spaces, science museums, window displays for top retailers, and corporate real estate with co-working brand initiatives. Each time I am able to take concept to reality, I happily get my hands dirty. I’m uniquely qualified to foreseen spacial compositions, and interactions between art and product/brand because of my experience working in retail for the last 6+ years. Customer experience, researching market trends combined with influences of a playful cultural lifestyle are the foundation of Alchemist Productions. Abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop art, and mid century modern architecture, and interior design influences as well as current market trends and pop culture shape concept. How I handle materials, process, and image expressing an abstract narrative with the brand lifestyle creates the final image. These are reoccurring themes in my highly-curated sculptural art installations and display presentations. 

    Initial discovery or first impression of an environment can draw the audience in and guide the journey evoking a feeling and response. This conceptual idea has proven to expand customer base, employee performance, and create cultural awareness. “Almost all (86%) of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, and 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be a primary differentiator…. improved experience can grow revenue by five to 10% over the span of three years.” (according to Shopify) I create the elements that utilize the foundation of your brand/client culture and lifestyle responding with handmade sculptural installations to craft an immersive experience.

    My personal aesthetic is eclectic to say the least my range of material manipulation and considerations in palette set me apart of many fine artists. This is something I have learned during my art adventure. Decision making is tried and true in the art making process. Alchemist Productions is a lifestyle brand that conforms to your brand while maintaining my touch-of-hand, like the Midas touch in a way. I use a form of alchemy when I am material testing, discovering the perfect combination of materials, textures, and colors that will push the boundary of experience uncovering what will excite the audience right now. I truly believe that how I handle materials, the decisions I make in response to concept, architecture and audience is special because it’s my own. People respond to fun. Storytelling is central, and fostering relationships is key. Creating continuity with your specific audience and brand. There are a multitude of ways to respond to any situation, mine is unique to my experiences. And my experiences are influenced by the history of art, current fashion trends, and cultural lifestyle awareness.

The Magic Hands Behind the Brand

Welcome to Alchemist Productions! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Ariana Franco, lead creative and the magic hands behind the brand. 

I am currently the Display Coordinator for Anthropologie in Naples, FL. I landed here in 2014 via Sarasota, FL where I obtained my BFA in Sculpture from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2008. In Sarasota, I gained valuable knowledge and experiences with the visual arts community, events, and retail market. Over the last 2+ years, my creative and life partner, Jared aka DB Cooper, continues to support me spiritually, and emotionally. He also pushes me creatively with my personal legend, and that means sharing the love from my magic hands. This is how alchemy works in my daily life. 

Alchemist Productions was conceived in September 2016, due to a general vacancy of what my life was like, where it is now, and where I want it to go. This happened because I was able to have an engaging conversation with a trustworthy creative, Stephen McFadden. The idea grew through more conversation and support from other creatives. It takes a skilled and creative village. I am choosing my own adventure, shouldn't you?

Optimism is key with the Alchemist brand, and discovering what we can bring to life from fanciful ideas. Authenticity, morality, and experience are the foundation of who I am, who I surround myself with, and what I will provide for our clients and collaborators. The fabric of my personality is woven into an eclectic lifestyle of music, travel, and intimately connecting with people. A sense of ease, wonderment, and a hint of urgency, are what guide my dreams, and hopefully yours too. I welcome all questions and feedback!

This is just the beginning, so I ask you to join me as we build all day, and dance all night. 

Let's make magic together!