Slated & Showing

It’s been a long month. I have refocused my efforts on products and services. Which means that I have been making a lot of drawings and small installations to share content. My happy place is in the making. I love the process, the repetition of creating the same thing over and over, hundreds of times. Building the structure that will support these small delicate pieces. The pieces that intrigue you to ask the questions, “What is this made of?” “How did she do it?”. Managing the project, budget, and timeline. Finding the most time effective way of constructing each and every element that I have tucked away in my mind. I have been looking at a wide range of color stories, and inspiration. I have been in my art cave pencil to paper writing out what to do next.


Let’s recap August, my month of regrouping, and making progress. I have had several great meetings within the Miami community. Each person I met has showed sincere desire for my work, or has at least been interested in the things I do. No one has made any promises and I appreciate that. I have put myself out into the world, and I will continue to do that. It feels good even if it means I’ve just made a friend, a connection with another person.


At the beginning of the month my post was directed towards my business plan. My 90 days is up and I have learned a lot of about what is working and what isn’t. I believe both sides are important so I can continue to grow Alchemist. Here are a few examples what I know are working. First I know that my series of 30 degree sculptures are working. I have had such a profound response on social media and with curators. The piece titled “My Father’s Shirts” which has been permanently installed was selected for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series in collaboration with  I am a regional semi-finalist and will be showing in October at N’namdi Contemporary Gallery in Wynwood. I have also been selected to show at the Englewood Art Center in February of 2018 from a proposal focused on my 30 degree geometric sculptural installation and the possibility of projection mapping. Another positive is that I will be showcasing two large scale pieces at the next Support Local mixer on September 21. I have been invited to share a sculptural installation that will engage the community and foster an experience at the Micro Theater. I’m very excited about this. It is not common for me to produce work for an outdoor setting. I have been given an opportunity to expand the material palette and really think about the elements involved. This is a good thing. These are three major highlights. 


As far as things that haven’t been working as well have been the Magic Flora Workshop at Wynwood Shop. I have been planning and marketing for the last month. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of interest in this particular event. I lowered the ticket price earlier this week in hopes that more people would sign up to participate. The entire event is planned around bringing community together, and creating coffee filter flowers and foliage, raw material to final object, and showing them all in mass to create an installation. I have been so excited to share process, dye handling, and how to transform everyday materials with the community. This is something new I am trying and it may not work. That’s okay though, not everything works out the way you want it to. 


On Monday I had the pleasure of doing a radio interview with Bree Gordon of Connections by Aria. Our conversation was very stimulating and really warmed my heart. Her excitement was intoxicating as we discussed Alchemist Productions, why I’m a sculptor, and the materials I choose to work with. If you haven't had a chance to listen or watch please do. It may create some extra insight on how I can help your business, inspire your clients/audience, and how you can support the business of art. 

Wrapping up the end of August and working my way into September I am taking these ideas and running towards my goals. I am running towards the community leaders, towards each person that wants to experience what I have to offer, and towards the things that work. I am going to complete a small installation of paper flowers and foliage, start making parallelograms, and my large scale columns for the Support Local event. I am going to keep showing up. Here’s to the next 90 day business plan!